Opening for Trevor Noah at the Arlington Drafthouse

This past weekend I got the opportunity to open for the new host of Comedy Central's Daily Show Trevor Noah.  We did 7 sold out shows and each show was better than the last.  What made this show extra special was the fact that this was Trevor's first show in the States after the announcement that he would be taking over Jon Stewarts position at the Daily Show. Everyone involved was excited, from the staff, to the audience members, and the comics opening which included me and DC veteran Eddie Bryant.  I remember Trevor arriving to the venue was a big deal because of his newly appointed security team who I quickly became acquainted with.  Marcus was the main security guy who looked like he guarded the president in a past life.  Trevor arrived with an entourage of suits and spent most the time in the green room having meetings before he would hit the stage.  When I did get a chance to talk to Trevor he greeted me, and was very friendly, especially after I told him that he's the only comic my family likes more than me.  His fans traveled from all over the country to see him in Arlington, and I think its save to say that they got there moneys worth.  I'm looking forward to watching Trevor continue to blow up, and bring different cultures together for something positive. Laughter.