Opened for Deray Davis at the DC Improv!

So 4th of July weekend I got a text from my friend, LA comedian James davis telling me he was featuring for Deray Davis the whole weekend and I should come down and kick it. So i went to go check out the homie James open up the show and brought my camera to record his set.  When Deray walked by he saw the camera and asked if I could record him. I replied "of course!" when asked me how much I wanted cash wise, James interjected and said "he just wants a guest spot" Deray thought about it and said "no problem" with a smile.  


What ended up happening couldn't have been scripted better.  I ended up going up on the 3rd show Saturday.  That show was a special show mainly because Donnell Rawlings just happened to be in town and popped in as well.  So James ended up hosting, I go up, then Donnell, and Dreay closed it out!  Here is what my set looked like

After my set, I walked back into the green room and Deray congratulated me on a good set.  I ended up performing on two more shows the next day.  


Its crazy how sometimes being at the right place at the right time can get you seen by people you always looked up too.